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Pauliina Pietilä



My name is Pauliina Pietilä. I’ve been a professional linguist in the localisation and translation industry for 18 years. I earned an MA in Translation Studies from the University of Helsinki in 2006, and I have passed the examination for authorised translators in Finland for translations from English into Finnish. My mother tongue is Finnish, and my other working languages are English and French.

My main subject areas are:

Want to go global? I can help you localise content for software applications, websites, mobile apps, webstores and cloud solutions in Finnish. This is essential in order for you to bring your products and services to the Finnish market.

Are you planning to grow and hoping to increase your sales? Marketing translations and reviews now make up most of my work, and I enjoy the creativity this allows me. I’m also fascinated by the power of words and the impact they can have. Every client and every company is different: each has their own style and way of communicating. I help my clients to speak in their own voice, in the Finnish language. As video content has become increasingly popular, I have also had the pleasure of plunging into audio-visual translation and I do work on captions for video ads and company presentations.

Do you want to reach the Finnish people but you struggle finding the right keywords? SEO is part of my daily work, and it’s essential for success in digital marketing and advertising. I can help you create posts or ads in Finnish for a variety of social media channels or, for instance, translate an entire Google Ads campaign for your target audience.

Looking for a medical translator? I believe that health is wealth, so it’s important to me as a professional linguist to help people live better by providing them with vital information in their native language about diseases, medications and the state of their health. I have experience translating summaries of product characteristics (SmPCs) and patient information leaflets (PILs), as well as various guides, surveys and communications aimed at patients and healthcare professionals. The nature and scope of the tasks vary, which is part of what makes medical translation so interesting. My work in this area has ranged from small tasks such as implementing minimal changes in documents for clinical trials and translating a few words for pharmaceutical packaging to more significant roles such as being the lead Finnish reviewer in a project involving the localisation of a mobile app, website and help content for a completely new medical device.

Need a legally binding translation of an official document? Then you need an authorised translator. That’s me! In addition to authorised translations, I also offer other legal translations, such as the terms and conditions, privacy policies, privacy statements and non-disclosure agreements that are needed for various apps, websites and services.

Is your company in the travel industry? I do both translations and reviews on a weekly basis in this special field, where linguistic tasks may involve anything from search engine optimisation, transcreation (or creative translation) and website and app localisation to writing engaging social media ads.

Are you a trendsetter and want to tell the world about your brand? I can help you bring the newest fashion waves to Finland. This might involve localising product catalogues and e-commerce pages or providing creative translations that resonate with the Finnish market.


What can I help you with?

Translation, Localisation & Review

There is no such thing as a regular translation – please get in touch to discuss your translation needs. Let’s make your Finnish content special!

Authorised Translations

As an Authorised Translator (from English into Finnish), I’m entitled to offer legally binding translations that you can use for, say, a decision by the authorities or legal proceedings in Finland.

Marketing & Branding

When it comes to marketing content, it's a good idea to opt for creative translation. I love playing with words, and some of my favourite jobs involve creating slogans and ads that will give great brands a boost in the Finnish market.

Linguistic Consultancy & Quality Assurance

When entering a new market, it's of the utmost important that a brand ensure its message is positive in every way possible. An unintentionally funny or even offensive product name can easily ruin otherwise good vibes. I help my clients to choose the perfect product name before they launch in the Finnish market, and as the lead Finnish linguist for many of my clients, I help to harmonise their Finnish teams' work, e.g. by creating style guides and carrying out linguistic quality assurance (LQA) checks.

Managing larger projects

I'm lucky to have connected with many of my wonderful and very talented colleagues in the translation and localisation industry. Not only do we share our good moments and professional knowledge, we also share a can-do attitude. If you have a bigger project where more than one translator and/or reviewer is needed to handle the workload and cover all the steps in the translation process, I'll be happy to form a dream team to fit your needs.

Something else?

A challenge?

OK, now I'm curious! I like to think out of the box, so please tell me what you have in mind, and let's make it work together!


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